April 2021: Introducing The Scene with SEEN!


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For our first newsletter, we are sharing four resources that offer an abundance of useful and relevant material. Rather than be overwhelmed, we invite you to explore. We have also highlighted a specific piece of content from each resource. 

Enjoy and please spread the word to more folks. Here’s the sign up link

Learning for Justice

Formerly Teaching Tolerance, they offer free resources on topics including privilege, identity, race and ethnicity, ability, and religion.

– Free downloadable classroom posters because representation matters at all levels!

Anti-Defamation League

ADL offers free resources on anti-bias education.

– Lesson on anti-Asian bias in the wake of COVID-19 aimed at middle and high school students.

Sesame Workshop: Coming Together Talking to Children about Race and Identity

Aimed at younger children, these resources are designed to help students celebrate themselves and each other and to learn how to be “an upstander to racism.”

– Beautiful Me Self-Portrait Activity: It is important for all children, but especially BIPOC children, to understand their own worth and beauty. This activity is aimed at younger elementary students.

Teaching While White

They offer a podcast, blog entries, and resources for your own learning and self-reflection. The vast majority of SSCSD faculty and staff are white and it is important to see how whiteness intersects with what, how, and why you teach.

– Episode 13 – Beyond the Book Club: Antiracism in Action

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