BOE Meeting – July 22, 2021

Saratoga Springs Board of Education Meeting
7/22/21 7:00pm
Saratoga Springs High School
Notes taken by Daniel Peterson

Agenda Link:

7:00 Meeting opens

7:01 Approval of previous meeting’s minutes

7:02 Public Comments

·  Comment requesting Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory not be included in school curriculum

·  Comment requesting the board more closely monitor funding sources for school board elections

·  Comment on personal attacks from hate groups directed at members of the DEIC by outside organizations

7:13 Committee Reports

·  Commitment to continue relationship w/ Pitney Meadows farm to table services

·  No other reports (committees have not met)

7:17 Administrative Report

·  Brief overview of summer programming for SSPS

·  Discussion of how changes in social distancing, masking guidelines from CDC will impact the coming school year

·  Remote learning availability will be determined by department of health

·  Fall sports season will start Aug 23

·  Successful email survey for bussing to improve routing efficiency

·  Brief overview of programming for this fall’s “next normal” – particular focus on social/emotional support

·  August high school graduation scheduled for August 17, 11am

7:39 Registrar’s Enrollment Update

·  Review of how to enroll a child in SSPS

·  Discussion of “flex zones” which are geographical areas where the district can put children living there into one of two or more elementary schools to balance student numbers and resources

·  Class sizes this year are largely unchanged from last. The goal is to reduce those numbers (slightly) over the next four years

·  Slight decline in overall enrollment

8:13 Old business (none)

8:13 Consent agenda (see linked Agenda)

8:22 Public Comment Period 2 (none)

8:22 Agenda Planning

·  Music Presentation (approved)

8:24 Board Member Comments

8:25 No executive session, meeting adjourned

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