BOE Meeting – Sept 9, 2021

Board of Education Meeting Minutes (SEEN)
September 9, 2021
Notes taken by Erin Leary

For the fall semester, BOE meetings are rotating through different school buildings. At 6:30 p.m., Trustees took a tour of Lake Avenue Elementary school, and returned to the cafeteria for the public meeting scheduled for 7:00 p.m. View the meeting.

I.Roll callPresent: Anjie Emeka (ANEM), John Brueggeman (JB), John Ellis (JE), Natalya Lahktakia (NL), Amanda Ellitorpe (AMELl), Erika Borman (EB), Tony Krackeler (TK), Dean Kolligian (DK).Absent: Connie Woytowich (CW) 7:02 p.m.
II.Call to order, Pledge, approval of minutes from July 1, July 22, August 26 meetings and July 1 organizational meeting. All approved unanimously.7:03 p.m.
  Re: Acceptance of agenda, DK asked a question regarding sheets included in Board packet pertaining to the NYSIR (?) donation for Transportation Safety Awards. Tim Hilker (TH) notes will confirm that these were approved at a previous meeting or bring to future agenda, tonight will just accept $600 recorded in agenda. Agenda approved unanimously. [TH later confirmed this Transportation Safety Awards donation was accepted in prior meeting] 7:04 p.m. 
 Public Comment Period: No public comments. 7:05 p.m.
III.Reports and RecommendationsA. Board committees will begin meeting next week, so no Board Committee Reports. That said, DK did speak to Dave L’Hommedieu (DLH) and John Theuner (JT) regarding property group. Property updates:(1)   New RAPTOR software for visitor management system was updated and applied to be utilized at all schools. Now when tracking volunteers and visitors, fingerprints will result in background checks and provide related access to all buildings, rather than separate screenings.(2)   JT and team have been going on site visits related to LEGACY Project. Visited Baldwinsville to see their rubber flooring, and another school (missed it Wind-something) to see their bus washing system.(3)   Also did visits to Greenfield, Dorothy Nolan and HS(4)   Short update on Great Outdoors Project Note: Dr. Patton (MP) notes that next meeting on September 21 will have Capital Projects team presenting, including architects, engineers, etc. B. First meeting of the year with student representatives, who spoke with MP by telephone last week and has plans to meet with them in person next week. Lucas LAST NAME only added that it was great to be back in school, to see hallways full again, knowing you’re still safe and protocols are being followed. C. Administrative ReportsDr. Patton noted it’s great to be out and visiting schools again, thanked Dr. Barbara Messier for tour at Lake Avenue today. The District is 2 years away from celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Lake Avenue, so good reason to celebrate moving forward. Reason to celebrate today because school is back in session, reopening of the schools today. Had teacher and staff orientation on Tuesday—outdoors in stadium at the High School—which was in person and might have started new tradition of being outdoors. Thanked ANEM for coming. Gave credit and thanks to the teams across the District who made reopening week happen, including JT and Facilities teams, Custodial teams, Administrators and Clerical staff, Counseling team that has been entering and negotiating student schedules, and to Middle School putting on Maple Avenue Days. Introduction of Student Reps, Abby and Lucas. Reiterated the special nature and value of having Student Representatives on the Board, and including the students in decision-making.  
IV.Old Business.JB inquired about status of BOCES collaboration for virtual schooling. MP defers to Lisa Cutting (LC), who noted that team of MP, LC, Debra Merdink (SSCSD COVID Response Coordinator), Stacey Moulton, and district physician solicited and reviewed applications over the last 2.5 weeks. They received a total of 17 applications, and then because the program is focused on medical conditions instead of mental health (which is being addressed on school levels), there are 4 students enrolled in the BOCES program at the elementary level (K-6), for whom orientation started 09/09/2021, and 2 students at the high school level (7-12).  
V.Modifications to the Consent Agenda.Access the agenda: ·  On page 4, item 5d. regarding Club Advisors, add “Level 2” before Asian Culture Club·  Under “Financial,” items 1-4 (p 7-16) require roll call votes. Move to remove from consent agenda, bundle the four items and put to one roll call vote. All agree, roll call vote commences. Unanimously pass.  
VI.Consent Agenda.Accepted unanimously.  
VII.Close Meeting.A. Public Comment: None.B. Agenda Planning Items: None.C. Board Member Comments.MP: draws attention to NYSSBA conference in NYC, confirm who is attending. LC will book reservations on Amtrak, etc.ANEM: Thanked members for participation in Board workshop, that the 2 hours were setting off a good start, and will be in touch regarding next dates.D. Move to go into Executive Session. Adjourned public portion.End: 7:27.

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