BOE Meeting – Oct 28, 2021

Board of Education Meeting Minutes (SEEN)
October 28, 2021
Notes taken by Erin Leary and Lisa Glazer

7:03 Public Comment

  • Name indiscernible. 
    • Thanks school board for what they do for children in the community. Has questions 
    • Concerns about security especially in student pickups. Dismissals at some elementary schools but particularly one particular intersection (Congress road?)
    • What is the district doing to recheck buildings that had mold over the summer?
  • Andrew Sheffield:
    • Concern about content and climate of ELA classes in high school
    • Read from the story Gravity.
    • Asks board and district to draw a line
  • Kris Dubuque
    • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion. Says you can’t see diversity because of masks. Claims there is no empirical evidence to have masking.
    • Has a son with special needs (anxiety). His son is being called out for not having a mask over his nose. Claims his son is being yelled at for not having a mask worn appropriately. Claims this is conformity.
    • He says those who don’t support masks are the marginalized community.
  • Bruce Michaels
    • Testing (for COVID)
    • Concerned that any symptom requires a pickup and a doctor’s appointment. This is a burden and can lead to multiple days missed.
    • Asks that the district be doing the testing themselves. Really hopes that it will be instituted. 
  • Mark Crockett
    • Grandfather of kids at division and former Dorothy Nolan parent.
    • Serious concerns about policy and programs specifically around racist programs from NYState DoE
    • He believes that all children were created equal by a loving God.
    • We would work to minimize any prejudice or bias. Racism is taught. 

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