SEEN Community Update: Keep Showing Up!

Dear SEEN Community,

We had intended to send an email decrying the racist mass shooting in Buffalo.

We had intended to send an email reflecting on the school board elections.

We had intended to send an email marking the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder – the catalyst of SEEN’s formation.

We had intended to send an email in response to the horror and heartbreak in Uvalde.

This week, we planned to send an email announcing our participation in the 2022 Saratoga Flag Day Parade and inviting the community to gather with us to celebrate our 2nd Birthday.

But how do we do all of this when it is simultaneously contradictory, necessary, and paralyzing?

We come back to the fact that we have to keep showing up. For our community, for our children, for our neighbors forced to the margins, and for those who can’t show up any longer.

We invite you to show up with us.

On Saturday, June 11, the annual Flag Day Parade will take place on Broadway from 12pm – 2pm. This year, we are joining together with local social justice groups to walk between two banners that read, “One Nation, Diverse and Indivisible” and “With Liberty and Justice For All”, with the goal of collectively demonstrating that values like sustainability, inclusivity, racial justice, human rights, and educational equity are inherently American values. If you would like to walk with us in the parade, send us an email and let us know!

At 2pm, after the parade, SEEN members will gather at our Little Free Library at Ben and Jerry’s to mark our 2nd birthday. We would love for you to show up between 2pm and 3pm – just to be together, to donate diverse books for our libraries, to share an ice cream, and to rededicate ourselves on the path toward justice.

~ The SEEN Team

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