BOE Meeting: District Safety Plan Public Hearing – July 28, 2022

SSCSD Board of Education Meeting Notes (SEEN)
District Safety Plan: Public Hearing
July 28, 2022 @ 6:30pm
Notes by Rebecca Lynch
Read the District Safety Plan (Draft). Read the Meeting Agenda.

  • Review of District Safety Plan and updates that have been made for the upcoming year
  • The plan will be presented to be adopted by the board at the next meeting
    • It needs to be adopted by Sept 1 and submitted to NYS by Oct 1

Public Comment

  • Jessica Todtenhagen: Our elementary schools seem so vulnerable. The main office has just 2 clerks and a secretary. I feel that the MS and HS are safer, and the elementary schools aren’t safe. There aren’t hall monitors, grounds monitors, or SROs. I don’t think that officers pop into the schools regularly. I want this to be a conversation before the district safety plan is adopted. Why aren’t we asking parents, teachers, and staff about this?
    • DL’H: Officer Moore was in the elementary schools in the month of June in response to what happened in Texas. 
  • Jennifer Taylor: I am commenting in favor of SROs. The elementary school SROs shouldn’t be removed from our schools. Transparency and communication are a problem. Parents have the right to be heard and to make a judgment call about what is right for their children. 
    • MP: There was no agreement to add SROs at the elementary schools. The agreement was to add police presence. Officer Moore was not deployed as an SRO to our schools, and at no point did the city deploy additional SROs.
    • JT: If we acknowledge that SROs are beneficial, why not have them at the elementary school? My child’s safety shouldn’t be left up to what the principals request or don’t request. I want more SRO Officers and better communication. 

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