SEEN Community Update – Action Items and Upcoming Events!

Dear SEEN Community, On Tuesday, November 30, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., SEEN will co-host Culturally Responsive Teaching. This is the second of a three-part series entitled Critical Conversations: A Community Forum on Critical Race Theory, which will discuss critical race theory — what it is, what it isn’t, and the implications for our community.Continue reading “SEEN Community Update – Action Items and Upcoming Events!”

SEEN Community Update – Elections and More!

Dear SEEN Community, Many things stood out on Election Day, but the first one was this: more than 8,000 people voted in the City of Saratoga Springs itself – and when people turn out, change takes hold. Why do we raise this? Because this past May, fewer than 4,500 people voted in the Board ofContinue reading “SEEN Community Update – Elections and More!”

BOE Meeting – Oct 28, 2021

Board of Education Meeting Minutes (SEEN)October 28, 2021Notes taken by Erin Leary and Lisa Glazer 7:03 Public Comment Name indiscernible.  Thanks school board for what they do for children in the community. Has questions  Concerns about security especially in student pickups. Dismissals at some elementary schools but particularly one particular intersection (Congress road?) What isContinue reading “BOE Meeting – Oct 28, 2021”

October 2021: Transgender Day of Remembrance and Native American Heritage Month & Thanksgiving

Dear Local Educators, This week the Saratoga Springs City School District’s Board of Education had a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion workshop run by Superintendent Mike Patton, Assistant Superintendent Lisa Cutting, and DEI consultant Anna Muñoz. During the workshop, Cutting provided board members with information about the ongoing disparities in the district and some of theContinue reading “October 2021: Transgender Day of Remembrance and Native American Heritage Month & Thanksgiving”

SEEN Weekly Update – Let’s Explore Discipline!

Dear SEEN Community, This week’s email is brought to you by SEEN’s Practices, Procedures, and Operations Committee.  We are a group of 6 community members (Patricia Farrell, Alexis Katz, Kelly Sheppard, Caroline Smith, Jennifer Redman, and Leigh Wilton) who meet monthly. During SEEN’s first community-wide meeting way back in June 2020, we were struck byContinue reading “SEEN Weekly Update – Let’s Explore Discipline!”

SEEN Weekly Update – How Can You Get Involved?

Dear SEEN Community, We are still seeing the reverberating impact from the Demystifying Critical Race Theory forum from last week. Programs like this help call more people into this work and we couldn’t do it without you! Thank you to everyone who helped support this program – our co-organizers (MLK Saratoga, Skidmore’s Black Studies Program,Continue reading “SEEN Weekly Update – How Can You Get Involved?”

BOE Meeting – Oct 12, 2021

Board of Education Meeting Minutes (SEEN)October 12, 2021Notes taken by Rebecca Lynch For the fall semester, BOE meetings are rotating through different school buildings. At 6:30 p.m., Trustees took a tour of Division Street Elementary school, and returned to the cafeteria for the public meeting scheduled for 7:00 p.m. View the meeting. Read the MeetingContinue reading “BOE Meeting – Oct 12, 2021”

SEEN Weekly Update – Critical Conversations and More!

Dear SEEN Community, Tuesday’s Critical Conversations panel, “Demystifying Critical Race Theory,” was inspiring, challenging, and invigorating! Many thanks to those who joined, and especially to our moderator and panelists. To Dr. Renata Williams, Dr. Winston Grady-Willis, Dr. A. Tina Wagle, and Dr. Anthony Paul Farley: Thank you. To each of you who joined: Thank you.Continue reading “SEEN Weekly Update – Critical Conversations and More!”

SEEN Weekly Update – Week of 10/1!

Dear SEEN Community, We are quickly approaching the first panel in our “Critical Conversations” series, this one on “Demystifying Critical Race Theory.” If you haven’t yet signed up to attend, please register to join us on Zoom next Tuesday, October 5th at 7 p.m. We would also appreciate you sharing information about this event withContinue reading “SEEN Weekly Update – Week of 10/1!”

Sept 2021: Hispanic Heritage Month and Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Happy Fall! Late this summer we collaborated with some local educators to participate in the Teach Truth Pledge Days of Action. Educators from around the country gathered at local sites to pledge to teach truth in their classrooms. The autumnal holidays of Columbus Day, Indigenous People’s Day, and Thanksgiving epitomize the challenge we face asContinue reading “Sept 2021: Hispanic Heritage Month and Indigenous Peoples’ Day”