BOE Meeting – Aug 26, 2021

Saratoga Springs Board of Education Meeting8/26/21 7:00pmSaratoga Springs High SchoolNotes taken by Lisa Glazer Agenda Link: Approximately 25 people in audience It is really hot. All trustees and administrators are designated by initials. Anjie Emeka is AnE and Amanda Ellithorpe is AE 7:00 Meeting Opens 7:01 Approval to accept the agenda AnE welcomes membersContinue reading “BOE Meeting – Aug 26, 2021”

SEEN August Update: Let’s Show Up For Equity!

Dear SEEN Community, The start of the new school year is a time of mixed emotion – especially as we approach a third year of schooling impacted by COVID-19. But at SEEN we ask that you also see this new school year as an opportunity to commit and recommit to our mission. Commitment means somethingContinue reading “SEEN August Update: Let’s Show Up For Equity!”

SEEN Update: We’re Doing The Work, And You Can Too! 

Dear SEEN Community, How’s your summer going? While our emails have been on a summer vacation schedule, our work has not. We formed as an organization in June of last year, and are pleased to celebrate several successes thus far. Think of this email as our “Impact Report” for 2020-21. But first, we invite youContinue reading “SEEN Update: We’re Doing The Work, And You Can Too! “

BOE Meeting – July 22, 2021

Saratoga Springs Board of Education Meeting7/22/21 7:00pmSaratoga Springs High SchoolNotes taken by Daniel Peterson Agenda Link: 7:00 Meeting opens 7:01 Approval of previous meeting’s minutes 7:02 Public Comments ·  Comment requesting Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory not be included in school curriculum ·  Comment requesting the board more closely monitor funding sourcesContinue reading “BOE Meeting – July 22, 2021”

SEEN Weekly Update – Let’s Talk About Critical Race Theory

Dear SEEN Community, If you’ve been following the news (or the algorithms), you know that the pushback against the equity policy and regulation here in Saratoga Springs was framed as opposition to the introduction of “critical race theory” into our classrooms. It’s become clear over the last months that our “city in the country” isContinue reading “SEEN Weekly Update – Let’s Talk About Critical Race Theory”

June 2021: Summer Professional Development

Dear SSCSD Faculty and Staff, Congratulations on (almost) reaching the end of this unique school year. We at SEEN want to thank you for everything you have done to support the students of SSCSD, and we want to commend you on all of the learning you did in a short period of time to helpContinue reading “June 2021: Summer Professional Development”

SEEN Weekly Update – Celebration, Reflection, Juneteenth!

Dear SEEN Community, The last week has been a significant one for equity in Saratoga Springs City School District, and for this group. On Thursday, the SSCSD Board of Education passed the equity regulation (0105-R), after adding definitions for key terms. With this action, the Board upholds the opening paragraph of the regulation itself: ThisContinue reading “SEEN Weekly Update – Celebration, Reflection, Juneteenth!”

SEEN Weekly Update – It’s Our Birthday!

Dear SEEN Community, The end of the school year is always a time for reflection, and this week we’re also thinking about where SEEN started, what we’ve accomplished, and where we are going. The Steering Committee met this past Sunday to work through some of that, and to develop actionable plans for the next year.Continue reading “SEEN Weekly Update – It’s Our Birthday!”

SEEN Weekly Update – It’s Pride Month!

Dear SEEN Community, With the start of Pride Month, we want to reshare a number of resources related to LGBTQ+ experiences in and with our schools. According to Gallup polling, Gen Z is the “queerest” generation yet, with 1 out of 6 Gen Z adults identifying as queer or transgender. Only 79% of those surveyedContinue reading “SEEN Weekly Update – It’s Pride Month!”

SEEN Panel Recap and Weekly Update – Week of 5/26!

Dear SEEN Community, This past Monday night, we were able to come together again for a powerful listening session centering the experiences of parents of alumni and students of color. Moderated by SSCSD alumna Deshaya Williams (’98), panelists Steve Boxley, Warren Dart, Joy King, Patty and Ron Kosiba, and Jennifer and Richard Oliver-Goodwin shared aContinue reading “SEEN Panel Recap and Weekly Update – Week of 5/26!”