SEEN Weekly Update – It’s Pride Month!

Dear SEEN Community, With the start of Pride Month, we want to reshare a number of resources related to LGBTQ+ experiences in and with our schools. According to Gallup polling, Gen Z is the “queerest” generation yet, with 1 out of 6 Gen Z adults identifying as queer or transgender. Only 79% of those surveyedContinue reading “SEEN Weekly Update – It’s Pride Month!”

SEEN Panel Recap and Weekly Update – Week of 5/26!

Dear SEEN Community, This past Monday night, we were able to come together again for a powerful listening session centering the experiences of parents of alumni and students of color. Moderated by SSCSD alumna Deshaya Williams (’98), panelists Steve Boxley, Warren Dart, Joy King, Patty and Ron Kosiba, and Jennifer and Richard Oliver-Goodwin shared aContinue reading “SEEN Panel Recap and Weekly Update – Week of 5/26!”

May 2021: Juneteenth and Pride Month

Dear SSCSD Faculty and Staff, In this month’s The Scene with SEEN, we will highlight two important June events -Juneteenth and Pride Month. Here’s a little local context: Juneteenth is now an official holiday in New York State! This means that schools will have this day off (but this year June 19 is a Saturday).Continue reading “May 2021: Juneteenth and Pride Month”

Take Action! School Board Election Next Week!

Dear SEEN Community, Local elections matter – we know this, but it bears repeating. This year is no exception – the school board election is contested and the impact of the outcome will be felt for years to come. In recent years, and also as recently as last night, we have observed the direct impactContinue reading “Take Action! School Board Election Next Week!”

SEEN Weekly Update with Guest Writer – Week of 5/5!

Dear SEEN Community, SEEN is a group of individuals brought together by a single mission, but as we have said before, we are not a monolithic group. We are parents, educators, and community members invested in promoting equity in the Saratoga Springs City School District. To reflect some of these voices, we will begin toContinue reading “SEEN Weekly Update with Guest Writer – Week of 5/5!”

SEEN Update: District Equity Policy

Dear SEEN Community, We are reaching out to clarify what has been going on in our district community over the past few days. We have been made aware that many people have received emails that contain misleading information in regards to the Equity, Inclusivity and Diversity in Education policy that was presented at the schoolContinue reading “SEEN Update: District Equity Policy”

April 2021: Introducing The Scene with SEEN!

DEAR SSCSD FACULTY AND STAFF, Thanks for signing up and welcome to The Scene! For our first newsletter, we are sharing four resources that offer an abundance of useful and relevant material. Rather than be overwhelmed, we invite you to explore. We have also highlighted a specific piece of content from each resource.  Enjoy and pleaseContinue reading “April 2021: Introducing The Scene with SEEN!”