February 2022: Read Across America and Women’s History Month

Dear Local Educators, We developed The Scene with SEEN last March after Read Across America Day. Read Across America Day is celebrated each year on Theodore Geisel’s birthday, and therefore also sometimes known as Dr. Seuss Day, but over the years it has become distanced from Dr. Seuss, and instead celebrates diverse books to helpContinue reading “February 2022: Read Across America and Women’s History Month”

January 2022: MLK Day and Black History Month

Dear Local Educators, Happy New Year! It has certainly been a challenging start to the new year for educators. However, it can be uplifting and invigorating to bring the classroom community together to commemorate and honor figures like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and to celebrate the history of African Americans. In this edition ofContinue reading “January 2022: MLK Day and Black History Month”

November 2021: Winter Holidays

Dear Local Educators, We would like to start this month with reflection and question: Consider how your school and your classroom are decorated at this time of year. Will each and every student feel seen and welcomed? Is Christmas given a privileged position? What assumptions do you bring with you and how can you let themContinue reading “November 2021: Winter Holidays”

October 2021: Transgender Day of Remembrance and Native American Heritage Month & Thanksgiving

Dear Local Educators, This week the Saratoga Springs City School District’s Board of Education had a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion workshop run by Superintendent Mike Patton, Assistant Superintendent Lisa Cutting, and DEI consultant Anna Muñoz. During the workshop, Cutting provided board members with information about the ongoing disparities in the district and some of theContinue reading “October 2021: Transgender Day of Remembrance and Native American Heritage Month & Thanksgiving”

Sept 2021: Hispanic Heritage Month and Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Happy Fall! Late this summer we collaborated with some local educators to participate in the Teach Truth Pledge Days of Action. Educators from around the country gathered at local sites to pledge to teach truth in their classrooms. The autumnal holidays of Columbus Day, Indigenous People’s Day, and Thanksgiving epitomize the challenge we face asContinue reading “Sept 2021: Hispanic Heritage Month and Indigenous Peoples’ Day”

June 2021: Summer Professional Development

Dear SSCSD Faculty and Staff, Congratulations on (almost) reaching the end of this unique school year. We at SEEN want to thank you for everything you have done to support the students of SSCSD, and we want to commend you on all of the learning you did in a short period of time to helpContinue reading “June 2021: Summer Professional Development”

May 2021: Juneteenth and Pride Month

Dear SSCSD Faculty and Staff, In this month’s The Scene with SEEN, we will highlight two important June events -Juneteenth and Pride Month. Here’s a little local context: Juneteenth is now an official holiday in New York State! This means that schools will have this day off (but this year June 19 is a Saturday).Continue reading “May 2021: Juneteenth and Pride Month”

April 2021: Introducing The Scene with SEEN!

DEAR SSCSD FACULTY AND STAFF, Thanks for signing up and welcome to The Scene! For our first newsletter, we are sharing four resources that offer an abundance of useful and relevant material. Rather than be overwhelmed, we invite you to explore. We have also highlighted a specific piece of content from each resource.  Enjoy and pleaseContinue reading “April 2021: Introducing The Scene with SEEN!”