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SEEN Community Update: Racism in Our Schools – Call to Action

Over the weekend, The Daily Gazette published an article about racism within our schools. The article references various incidents: one student saying another student will become the next Emmitt Till, racist and vulgar comments about a Black student’s father, as well as others saying slavery was a good thing and it’s sad the institution of slavery doesn’t exist…

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SEEN Community Update: An Important Article About Our Schools

Dear SEEN Community, On Friday March 17, the Times Union published an article headlined, “Parents complain racial slurs prevalent at Saratoga Springs schools.” We encourage you to read it. The article describes a pervasive and persistent culture of racism and anti-Blackness within our school community. This includes white students referring to their peers as monkeys,…

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SEEN Community Update: It’s Survey Time!

Dear SEEN Community, Over the past month, we have spent time reflecting on the complicated history of our country. We joined with a coalition of justice-minded local organizations on Flag Day to march for the promise of liberty and justice for all. We marked Juneteenth as a community, and recognized the importance taking time to…

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SEEN Community Update: Keep Showing Up!

Dear SEEN Community, We had intended to send an email decrying the racist mass shooting in Buffalo. We had intended to send an email reflecting on the school board elections. We had intended to send an email marking the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder – the catalyst of SEEN’s formation. We had intended to send…

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