BOE Meeting – Jan 6, 2022

Saratoga Board of Ed Meeting Notes
Jan 6, 2022
Notes by Patty Farrell

Roll Call

Addressing community members present. Committed to keeping our students in person learning and safe. Please be a role model for appropriate masking.

Agenda accepted

Public Comment: None

– DK-  12/20 meeting capital project meeting with sub contractors etc
– CW-  gave update– could not hear over youtube
– TK- tax levy limit discussed, drafts of bus and facility propositions

Retreat report:
– Education of board about legal matters, get to know you, Legal aspects of trustee
– Educational law
– Board members must follow chain of information as all parents when accessing information about students
– Individual members should request information on board related topics at the board meeting
– Boards role in curriculum– board trusts the expertise of teachers, buildings administrators, student council members
– Patton/ Cutting  (no microphone) speak more to this but hard to hear over the Youtube Channel highlighting collaborative process, encourage questions from parents

Student representative presents

– Welcome back- new challenges, thanks to staff, parents etc. Talking about Legacy Project and the middle school team tour etc. 
– Monitoring Covid situation with DOH and CDC, will continue to update families as soon as possible, recognize information that changes. Warning for health officials to expect an increase
– 113 positives / 156 additional cases ( reported to the nurse awaiting confirmation from county)  (total population of 7000) ?? unknown number of current quarantines– very large
– Over 50% of families have requested tests, still have tests available, reach out to building administrators to request
– Continuing to implement Test to Stay— awaiting for additional guidance from CDC which was released 2 hrs before meeting. More information to follow.
– Continue to improve air circulation – frequent changing of air filters.
– Mask use ( thank you to students who have been doing a great job wearing masks), cleaning regularly
– Vaccines- clinic coming up on tuesday for 5-12
– Booster clinic for 12-17 details to follow

Board member asks a question: Is there a threshold for returning to virtual school?
– Response: Taking it on a case by case basis- ( some sports teams etc)not number that is the threshold

JB: thanks to the staff for all their work, very tough times ahead, acknowledging the frustration, thinking of the 4 B’s

– 3 teachers- will be retiring (1 Jan and 2 June)
– Elks Club has presented a Gratitude Award- presented to High School Counseling Department- will be presented at next board meeting

Pupil Services Presentation: Can not be heard over the YouTube Channel 

Powerpoint presentation- I imagine it will be posted on the website at some point 

– Special education, English as a New language, Health Services, Section 504 accommodations, Homeless students, speech therapist, occupational therapists, PT
– Added additional psychologist this year, nursing support and administrative support
– Use district pathways as guidelines, team approach- foster relationships and establish opportunity and growth for all students
– 2022-   Extended school yr- additional 30 days over summer (100 students)
–   Training for teachers 
– Strategies programs- SEL needs, expended to 10th grade and 11th grade (22-23)
– Outcomes: students re- entering school building and BOCES
– Committee identifies needs and addresses the needs

Q: How to assist homeless students and those who will  be affected by the eviction moratorium?
A: Seeing an increase in referrals to special education services- trying to do a lot of outreach and education to teachers and administrators to identify what is an educational disability

Public Comment: None

CW: comment: Thank you for keeping the school open

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